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Settlements on permafrost in the Arctic

The map shows the distribution of coastal and inland settlements on permafrost in the Arctic in 2017. Permafrost is ground that is at or below 0°C for at least 2 consecutive years. The purple tones indicate settlements located on permafrost and...

Forest felling average 2013-2015

This map shows the forest felling at the regional level in the Nordic Region (average 2013-2015). The chart shows the forest felling by category in 1,000 m3 at the national level in the Nordic Region in 2015. On the map, the green bars indicate the...

Biogas production

These maps show the energy produced by biogas (in GWh) as well as the number of facilities producing bioenergy in the Swedish regions. The maps also show the location and type of biogas plants in Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. The brown shading...

Land cover 2012

This map shows the land cover in the Nordic Region in 2012. Land cover data indicates the physical land type, helping to understand the current landscape of an area. The different colours represent land cover types with urban/artificial surfaces in...

Maritime boundaries in Northern Europe in 2015

As of 1 January 2015

Shipping routes and OPS ports

Main shipping routes in 2015 and ports with onshore power supply (OPS) in 2016

Air pollution: PM10

Number of days PM10 concentrations exceed 50 μg/m3 in 2013 and differences in number of days PM10 concentrations exceed 50 μg/m3 between 2005 and 2013

Green growth focus areas in the surveyed Nordic regions

Location of the case studies for the project In depth-study 3: Green growth in Nordic regions: state-of-play, practices and needs