Nordregio operates at the crossroads between research and policy development.

On the one hand, Nordregio is linked to the political system under the Nordic Council of Ministers with close relations to national authorities responsible for regional development and planning. On the other hand, Nordregio is a part of the European research society; actively collaborating with a large number of European research institutions and private actors engaged in the production of new knowledge, and in the provision of policy advice. Therefore, Nordregio also serves as a link between the Nordic and broader European contexts in our fields of expertise.

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Clients & frameworks
Nordregio is often commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers, EU, ministries, regional and national authorities, public agencies and NGOs, as well as national and international research councils and programmes.

Nordregio is involved in a variety of projects running in parallel – usually 50 or more commitments at any given time. These projects are frequently implemented in cooperation with other research institutes and partners, thus adding to Nordregio’s adaptability and scope.

Nordic Co-operation programmes
Nordregio also contributes to the Nordic co-operation by acting as the secretariat for thematic working groups under the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Regional Policy (EK-R). These groups are important fora for dialogue on policy development and knowledge needs in regional development in the Nordic countries. Nordregio also functions as secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Arctic co-operation programme.

Nordregio’s logo

In case you want to refer to Nordregio using our logo, please, download it in the PNG format here. If you need the logo in other formats, please, contact anyone in the communications department.