2 Sep, 2019

Open seminar 12 September – Future of regional development

An open seminar on the future of regional development will be held 12 September at the University of Akureyri. The seminar is organised by Ministry of Transport and Local Government, Byggdastofnun and Nordregio and in cooperation with the EK-R...
19 Aug, 2019

Digital services bring equality to Västerbotten municipalities

Location matters. Where one is born and raised still determines to a considerable extent one’s opportunities and constrictions for living. Inequalities among regions within the EU have been growing since the 2008 economic crisis. The EU funded...
14 Aug, 2019

Nordic thematic group for innovative and resilient regions publishes discussion paper about skills policies

A new discussion paper, titled Skills Policies – Building Capacities and Resilient Nordic Regions, has been published under the guidance of the Nordic Thematic Group for Innovative and Resilient Regions. The paper offers background for the...
25 Jun, 2019

1 July Almedalen: Increasing mental health problems and school drop-outs amongst rural youth

Vulnerable youth who are not currently employed, in education or training, often referred to as NEET, is a growing group in the Nordics. Many of them are struggling with mental health problems and might be affected by the demographic and structural...
19 Jun, 2019

Nordic Midsummer Analysis 2019: Maypole or Bonfire?

After the long winter it is finally time to celebrate the solstice and the nightless nights in the Nordic countries, Midsummer. Or Sankthansaften, as they say in Norway, Sankthans in Denmark, Juhannus in Finland, Midsommar in Sweden and Jónsmessa...
14 Jun, 2019

Nordregio presented at OECD meeting on mining regions and cities

The OECD meeting in Skellefteå, Sweden, on mining regions and cities, went beyond a sectoral view to understand how to deliver wellbeing for regions specialised in mining and extractive industries. Central to this is how to ensure a just transition...


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