29 Nov, 2019

Nordregio Forum 2019: Resilience – Do you bend, or do you break?

What is resilience and how to build resilient regions? The keynotes and regional representatives at the Nordregio Forum 2019 panel shared their recipes and skillsets on how to become resilient. Jonas Wendel, Chief of staff to the Secretary-General...
8 Nov, 2019

Transition to a bioeconomy in Northwest Russia

Russia is a land of enormous natural resources as well as unique culture and complex governmental and taxation structures. When it comes to transforming traditional industry towards greener and recyclable processes, all those factors are...
29 Oct, 2019

Realizing Agenda 2030 – the local way

Nordregio gathered almost 100 engaged participants for an event on Agenda 2030 at the local level on Monday October 28 in Stockholm. The outcome will feed into the process to formulate a new vision for Nordic Co-operation as such as well as into a...
24 Oct, 2019

A Sustainable policy hub for rural actors – SHERPA

New participatory EU hub for contributing to shaping future policies and research for rural areas was launched in Bruxelles in October.  One of the most ambitious public participation projects ever funded by the European Commission has just been...
7 Oct, 2019

Urban gardening demonstrates social empowerment: Taste Aarhus led to 300 initiatives

Urban gardening is much more than just growing food and plants, it is about social engagement. The City of Aarhus has become well known for their ‘Taste Aarhus’ programme, a key driver behind more than 300 bottom-up urban agriculture initiatives...
2 Oct, 2019

Thawing permafrost threatens the Arctic populations

Increasing temperatures in the Arctic cause permafrost thaw which will have severe consequences for the inhabitants of the Arctic Region. Sixty per cent of the settlements and more than two-thirds of the population are located on permafrost. Thawing...


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