19 Feb, 2020

Agenda 2030 at the local level – the work continues

The Nordic countries are often placed at the top of global rankings on sustainable development. In October 2019, Nordregio organized a conference for Nordic municipalities on local work with the UN sustainable development goals. This has now...
27 Jan, 2020

Open call for regions: Experts are ready to support you in e-health solutions!

Nordregio is a part of VOPD project (Health care and care with distance-spanning technologies, e-health and digitalisation) and now it is time for the second open call for regions and to introduce the new publication: 2nd call for regions,...
21 Jan, 2020

4 February report is out: State of the Nordic Region 2020

State of the Nordic Region 2020 is launched on February 4th, 2020. The report gives you a unique look behind the scenes of the world’s most integrated region, comprised of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, along with Greenland, the...
19 Dec, 2019

What is a Christmas without snow? The Cosy Christmas Index 2019 reveals the most likely places to secure a snowy white Christmas

It has been a wet and disappointing wait for a white Christmas this year in most parts of the Southern Nordic Region. Meanwhile, the Northern parts of the Nordic Region have been enjoying an exceptionally good and snowy begin of the season. This...
18 Dec, 2019

Urban–rural flows from seasonal tourism and second homes: New report published

Estimations for the Nordic population is that half of the 27 million inhabitants have access to a holiday home, via ownership, family or friends. People use second homes during the summer or winter season and increasingly at weekends; therefore, our...
17 Dec, 2019

Results from Pan Baltic Scope: towards coherent maritime spatial plans

The final chords of the Baltic maritime symphony have been played in Gothenburg on 10-12 December. The Pan Baltic Scope project partners from 12 planning authorities and organizations presented their outcome of the activities, collaboration and the...


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