3 May, 2019

Green Infrastructure: a successful tool in strategic land use planning

The Nordic countries are known for their green cities, full of accessible green and blue spaces and surrounded by agricultural land, vast forests and lakes. Viewed in aggregate these green and blue areas are a network. A concept called Green...
26 Apr, 2019

Open call for new healthcare solutions

Is your municipality or region already using, or planning to use digital solutions in healthcare or social care? Nordregio is a part of the VOPD project that is looking for organisations that wish to update their service model. Express your...
23 Apr, 2019

State of the Nordic Region goes academic

The State of the Nordic Region 2018 report has now been chosen as part of the material used in the entrance exam for the business administration study in a number of Finnish universities. State of the Nordic Region is a flagship publication of the ...
11 Apr, 2019

Have you checked your baggage for alien species?

One of the projects supported by the Arctic Co-operation programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers is launching a major campaign to raise public awareness of the threat posed to the Arctic by alien species «travelling» with tourists and other...
9 Apr, 2019

Nature as a healing force – new scientific article from Nordregio

Doctors are already in some cases prescribing access to nature as a way to treat patients that deal with chronical illnesses, and now there is an increasing scientific interest to document the relationship between nature and health. In a joint...
2 Apr, 2019

Many faces of segregated cities: a Nordic Overview

Nordic event and new report highlight the need for increased efforts to combat segregation in Nordic cities. Nordic cities are segregated and characterized by economic and social barriers that challenge the idea of the Nordic region as inclusive and...


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