7 Mar, 2019

Resilient regions: An increasing necessity in volatile societies

Local communities and regional authorities are faced with continuous uncertainty. Emerging technologies, economic crises, political changes and environmental disasters can cause shocks and crises challenging the long-term economic development and...
6 Mar, 2019

6-8 March ReNEW conference: Sweden and Finland front-runners in naturalisation

The Nordic societies are increasingly multicultural and the number of the population with foreign background is on the rise. Naturalisation is often viewed as “the last step” of the integration process where a person is granted the citizenship...
18 Feb, 2019

Looking for new candidates: Research Fellow within GIS

Nordregio is a leading Nordic and European research centre for regional development and planning, established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Nordregio is inviting applications for a Research Fellow within GIS. Position The main tasks will be to...
13 Feb, 2019

Seasonal tourists and second homes boost local economies, but challenge local service planning

Estimates show that about half of the population in the Nordic countries now have access to second homes. Along with a growing in-flux of tourists, this creates a significant but irregular flow of people from urban centers to small cities and rural...
13 Feb, 2019

11 Steps to Implement Industrial Symbiosis

Industrial symbiosis (IS) is vitally important in facilitating the move towards a circular economy. It helps the industries and businesses to cooperate in the exchange of natural resources and production infrastructures. Strong public and private...
13 Feb, 2019

Smart Specialisation in Sparsely Populated European Arctic Regions

A new report focusing on the ways Smart Specialisation (S3) has been applied in the Nordics, with a focus on European Arctic regions, has been published. The task has been carried on by a team of researchers from Nordregio and was commissioned by...


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