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Second Homes in 2010-2017

This map illustrates the changes of number of second homes in the Nordic countries between 2010-2017. The colors of the circles in the map indicate the change in the number of second homes between 2010 and 2017. Red tones indicate decrease and blue...

Second Homes in 2017

This map depicts the total number of second homes per municipality (size of the circles). Dark blue indicates higher shares second homes in relation to municipal population and light blue indicates lower shares (purple the lowest). In total, there...

Community Impact by second home users in 2017

This map depicts the community impact (CI) of second home users in 2017[1]. The indicator illustrates the impact of occasional second home visitors to the municipality.CI is defined as the ratio between annual inhabitants (AI) and regular population...

Nordic Midsummer analysis

After the long winter it is finally time to celebrate the solstice and the nightless nights in the Nordic countries, Midsummer. Or Sankthansaften, as they say in Norway, Sankthans in Denmark, Juhannus in Finland, Midsommar in Sweden and Jónsmessa...

Nordic demographic vulnerability index 2019

The map shows the demographic vulnerability index in Nordic municipalities in 2019. The index shows the degree to which municipalities in the Nordic region face demographic vulnerabilities. It is based on 10 demographic indicators – five...

Origin of FDI inflows 2003-2016

This map shows the country of origin of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Nordic regions between 2003 and 2016. The colours indicate different countries of origin of FDI inflow by number of projects between 2003 and 2016. FDI inflows examined...

Disposable average household net income 2014

This map shows the disposable average household net income in purchasing power parity (PPP), based on final consumption in 2014 for all Nordic municipalities. Gross disposable household income (GDHI) is the amount of money that all the individuals...

Nordic cross-border co-operation committees 2018

Co-operation Committees funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2018 The Nordic countries have a long history of cross-border co-operation. In parts, this co-operation has been carried out through regional cross-border committees which...