State of the Nordic Region 2016

This report is the fourteenth volume in the series “Regional Development in the Nordic countries”. The report draws on the latest available statistics to present an analysis of demographic changes, labour market trends, education, economic performance, and developments in accessibility and infrastructure. For the first time, the report includes a Regional Potential Index, which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the 74 Nordic Regions in relation to one another, and identifies the regions with the strongest growth potential.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction

Theme 1 Demographic changes
Chapter 2 Urbanisation
Chapter 3 Migration
Chapter 4 Age and gender

Theme 2 Labour force
Chapter 5 Employment
Chapter 6 Unemployment
Chapter 7 Education

Theme 3 Economy
Chapter 8 Economic development
Chapter 9 Innovation
Chapter 10 Tourism

Theme 4 Infrastructure
Chapter 11 The future of Nordic climate and energy
Chapter 12 Housing
Chapter 13 Air accessibility

Theme 5 Measuring regional potential
Chapter 14 Nordregio’s new Regional Potential Index