Launch of State of the Nordic Region 2018

On February 8, the new edition of State of the Nordic Region will be launched in Stockholm by Margot Wallström, Swedish Foreign Minister and Minister for Nordic Co-operation and Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Nordregio has been publishing State of the Nordic Region and its predecessors since the 1980s. The latest edition is by far the most ambitious, giving a comprehensive overview of key socioeconomic areas in the Nordic Region. It is published by the Nordic Council of Ministers with Nordregio as the main editor and will thus reach a much wider audience than previous editions.

By mapping and documenting information about the state of the Nordic region(s), Nordregio empowers local, regional and national authorities in the Nordic countries to make informed decisions. Solid documentation of development trends is a necessary starting point for developing good policy.

At the same time, the State of the Nordic Region 2018 is also a treasure trove of information for the Nordic population at large, as well as a must read for international actors who want to learn about the Nordics and maybe even get inspired by the Nordic model, however differently it may be played out in the various regions and areas.

The publication is centred around a number of custom made maps and other visual presentations, highlighting one of the specialties of Nordregio and making the most of our Geographical Information Services (GIS) expertise.

The launch will take place in Stockholm on February 8, followed by a roll-out in all the other Nordic countries as well as events in the Baltics and possibly also Brussels and elsewhere.