Louise Ögland

Communications Advisor

Communicator and marketer with a background in innovation within academia, advertisement, and a bit of software-as-a-service. Interested in new tech, equality and trends. By connecting purpose with passion, Louise wants to create circumstances for research to lead the way to a better future for all of us.

Academic qualifications

  • Bachelor (BA) in Media and communication with a focus on media activism, strategy and entrepreneurship at Malmö University, Sweden

Relevant courses

  • Gender studies with a focus on migration and globalization at Lund University, Sweden
  • Digital marketing at the Sales and marketing school


  • Swedish
  • English
  • German (basic)

Prior positions

  • Communications manager at VentureLab and LU Innovation at Lund University
  • Communication and marketing manager at Tyréns
  • Advertisement coordinator at Bonnier News

Louise Ögland‘s spatial story

Öland, located on the east coast of southern Sweden, was my home for my first years alive. But just when I was about to start forming memories, my parents moved to Bålsta, just north of Stockholm. Situated close to Mälaren, my childhood involved a lot of fresh water and beach time.

As soon as I finished gymnasiet in Bålsta, I left the town I grew up in, my family and friends and moved to London. This is where I got into communication, writing in particular, while working with the Swedish website for a British company. After 14 months I was ready for my next adventure, but where to? During this time, going to Australia was a popular destination for young adults in Sweden, so I decided to follow suit since I’ve always loved trends.

Australia was truly amazing. Contrary to most people’s beliefs, I don’t think I saw one spider during my time there. After about a year down under, I wanted to experience new things. I traveled the trans-Siberian railway, around New Zeeland in a campervan and in the US. I was at the same time developing a big interest in equality and gender issues and decided to go back to Sweden to start studying gender studies. 

Bungee jump in NZ

I began my studies in Lund, a city I found beautiful but incredibly boring. After two semesters, and after having started two feminist organizations, I started my bachelor’s in media and communication at Malmö University. The vibrant, small-but-big city was my home for the next nine years, but with some shorter escapes to Australia and the US again. As it turns out, I have been to Australia three times, and the US five times – but I’ve never seen the north of Sweden, which is 1) embarrassing and 2) on the top of my bucket list now!

Sunrise in the Grand Canyon

Even though my love for Lund never really grew, working with innovation and entrepreneurship at one of the world’s top 100 universities really formed me as a communicator and as a person. Being surrounded by so many driven and brave people every day was inspiring and a push to never stop learning. Working with research-based innovation grew my interest in impact, new technology and change processes. I am driven to use my skills to help research lead the way to a more sustainable and inclusive society, and that’s why I am so glad to be a part of Nordregio.

I just left Malmö, the city I have grown to see as my home, to move to Stockholm for love and the amazing opportunity to work here. So far, I am thoroughly enjoying Stockholm. It is pretty trendy after all.