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Nordregio News 4 2015

This is a special issue of Nordregio News, offering you an overview of current research areas and projects that we are involved in here at Nordregio. With the new layout and content structure, we wish to make the magazine more readable and easier to...

Nordregio News Issue 3 2015: A new wave of reforms sweeping over the Nordic countries?

Municipal reforms are gaining political momentum in the Nordic countries, which all face great social changes. Some countries have already pushed their reforms through; others are still struggling with decisions on the matter. Finland has failed...

Nordregio News 1 2015: Cross-border co-operation

In this issue of Nordregio News, we focus on cross-border co-operation and its impact on regional development in Nordic and European border regions. We have studied how cross-border co-operation is structured and managed, and whether its full...

Nordregio News Issue 2 2015: Tensions in Nordic urban planning

Urbanisation is strong in the Nordic countries, with people and capital being concentrated into growing, expanding city regions. These urbanisation processes of concentration and expansion, and explosion and implosion are challenging traditional...

Nordregio News Issue 4 2014: Bioeconomy and Regional Economic Development

In this issue of Nordregio News, we look at the current situation regarding the bioeconomy in the Nordic countries.

Nordregio News Issue 3 2014: Poverty and Social Exclusion

In this issue of Nordregio News, we explore the issues of poverty and social exclusion in an urban European context, consider how these issues are dealt with in a suburban municipality in the Stockholm Region and learn about a distinct approach to...