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28 March 2024

The power of knowledge exchange in Nordic settings

Johannes Lidmo
With my time at Nordregio now drawing to its end and before I continue my journey as a PhD student in geography at Stockholm university, I find it worth reflecting upon my 6.5 years here and where Nordic added value fits in.
13 March 2024

How to practice multi-locality

Lisa Rohrer
"It is not often that the complex compartments of one’s life merge into one." Research Fellow Lisa Rohrer writes about the concept of multi-locality and her trip to Frankfurt speaking at the Urbano conference, a gathering of about 50 people working in churches in European cities.
20 February 2024

Discovering the Allure of Rauma: My Internship Journey at Nordregio

Tuulia Jukarainen
During the past four months, I've had the privilege of interning at Nordregio, contributing to a project focused on the concept of small-town attractiveness.
26 January 2024

Unraveling Urban Attractiveness: My Internship Experience at Nordregio

Louis Jørgensen
In the spring of 2023, I knew a good opportunity knocked on my door when I learned about an internship position at Nordregio.
31 January 2023

If we make Nordic cities greener, will we become healthier and more active?

Diana N. Huynh
Find out about how we are uncovering the ways in which the provisions of green spaces across Nordic cities work or have the potential to improve.
12 January 2023

Zooming in on the Nordic region with a new urban-rural typology 

Mats Stjernberg, Anna Vasilevskaya, Oskar Penje
What is the new and innovative Nordic urban-rural typology and how can be applied to explore trends in the Nordic Region?
1 December 2022

What can we learn from the wood construction hot spot of Skellefteå?

Alberto Giacometti, Hilma Salonen
But won’t it burn down? This is usually the first question we get when we talk to people about modern wood construction...