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14 February 2024

Community engagement in Ilulissat: Six years of collaboration with locals

Leneisja Jungsberg
Permafrost issues requires a strategic allocation of resources. Read Leneisja Jungsbergs reflection on the process and outcome of the Nunataryuk project, collaborating closely with Ilulissat locals.
28 November 2023

Have you ever been on a wood safari?

Anne Katrine Ebbesen
Estonia served up piles of wood knowledge on a pallet of well-organised programme points. Come with me as I guide you through the stops and surprises.
15 November 2023

Blending tradition with innovation in Greenlandic hunting practices

Leneisja Jungsberg
Climate change significantly affects traditional Inuit hunting practices in Northern Greenland. This had led to a steady decline in the number of professional hunters over the last decades.
27 October 2023

Don’t overestimate the negative financial consequences of the green transition

Rolf Elmér
Almost everyone agrees that the green transition should take place quickly – but how do we know that the economic burden on Swedes will not be too large?
20 April 2023

What is a climate bomb?

Rolf Elmér
Yesterday, the term climate bomb was suddenly used in Swedish media to refer to a decision in the EU Parliament to tighten and expand the European Emissions Trading System (ETS). It is difficult to understand why it is called a climate bomb in media.
1 December 2022

What can we learn from the wood construction hot spot of Skellefteå?

Alberto Giacometti, Hilma Salonen
But won’t it burn down? This is usually the first question we get when we talk to people about modern wood construction...