Nordic sustainable cities – showcases



This catalogue is part of the ‘Nordic Sustainable Cities’ project, one of the flagship projects within “Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges”, an initiative launched by the Nordic Prime Ministers. The cases presented here were selected through an open call inviting stakeholders like municipalities, NGOs and local associations as well as companies to submit entries. The open call was supplemented with desktop research and interviews with experts to get as broad a range of cases as possible. All pre-selected cases were evaluated by a jury consisting of government representatives from the Nordic countries, who selected 54 cases that exemplify the ideas outlined in the ‘White Paper on Nordic Sustainable Cities’. The map below shows the number of cases and their respective location in the Nordic Region.

The catalogue was developed by Nordregio on behalf of Nordic Innovation, the project manager of ‘Nordic Sustainable Cities’ based on the criteria outlined in the ‘White Paper on Nordic Sustainable Cities’ produced by Nordregio.
Jury members: Ásdís Hlökk Theodórsdóttir – Iceland, Ellen Husaas – Norway, Olli Maijalla – Finland and Magnus Jacobsson – Sweden
Cases descriptions: Luciane Aguiar Borges, Linda Randall, Arne Kempers, Mari Wøien, Laura Fagerlund with the collaboration of stakeholders responsible for the cases.
Layout: Donato Lovallo


Download White Paper on Nordic Sustainable Cities

Carbon Track & Trace: Informing climate decisions in cities

Carbon Track & Trace provides cities with the means to accurately measure their carbon emissions and monitor their progress towards international climate targets.

Copenhagen Harbour Baths

Located just 200 meters from Copenhagen City Hall, this former industrial harbour has been transformed from a polluted area to a clean, healthy environment for swimming, fishing and leisure activities.

The Inspiratorium: Innovative social space

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Roskilde residents got together with a vision to create an Inspiratorium – a new community space for connection, collaboration and creativity.

Marselisborg Wastewater Treatment Plant

Aarhus Vand (Aarhus Water) has been actively trying to reduce its energy consumption since 2006 by moving towards an integrated energy technology structure.

Nytorv: Sustainability and transparent governance

Nytorv (New Square) houses Middlefart City Hall. The building has high sustainability goals and reflects the municipality’s intention to work more transparently and in closer cooperation with citizens and businesses.

Climate Adaptation Tool PLASK

PLASK is a tool which allows municipalities to compare the socio-economic impact and economic effects of different flood protection measures to come up with the best solution.

Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen

The SAS Royal Hotel is one of the most celebrated works of renowned Danish architect Arne Emil Jacobsen (1902-1971) and an important piece of Nordic design history. Thanks to Space Copenhagen, it now has a new lease on life.

Cycle Superhighways

To reduce car traffic, noise and air pollution, Copenhagen Municipality, in collaboration with 22 surrounding municipalities, developed a network of cycle superhighways to make it easier to cycle from the suburbs into the city.