Nordic sustainable cities – showcases



This catalogue is part of the ‘Nordic Sustainable Cities’ project, one of the flagship projects within “Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges”, an initiative launched by the Nordic Prime Ministers. The cases presented here were selected through an open call inviting stakeholders like municipalities, NGOs and local associations as well as companies to submit entries. The open call was supplemented with desktop research and interviews with experts to get as broad a range of cases as possible. All pre-selected cases were evaluated by a jury consisting of government representatives from the Nordic countries, who selected 54 cases that exemplify the ideas outlined in the ‘White Paper on Nordic Sustainable Cities’. The map below shows the number of cases and their respective location in the Nordic Region.

The catalogue was developed by Nordregio on behalf of Nordic Innovation, the project manager of ‘Nordic Sustainable Cities’ based on the criteria outlined in the ‘White Paper on Nordic Sustainable Cities’ produced by Nordregio.
Jury members: Ásdís Hlökk Theodórsdóttir – Iceland, Ellen Husaas – Norway, Olli Maijalla – Finland and Magnus Jacobsson – Sweden
Cases descriptions: Luciane Aguiar Borges, Linda Randall, Arne Kempers, Mari Wøien, Laura Fagerlund with the collaboration of stakeholders responsible for the cases.
Layout: Donato Lovallo


Download White Paper on Nordic Sustainable Cities

Bergen Light Rail: An efficient, environmentally friendly transportation system for Bergen

Bybanen light rail system responds to the need for an efficient, environmentally friendly transportation system able to cope with the limited space in the central streets of the City of Bergen.

Carbon Track & Trace: Informing climate decisions in cities

Carbon Track & Trace provides cities with the means to accurately measure their carbon emissions and monitor their progress towards international climate targets.

Fjord City: A waterfront urban renewal project

‘Fjord City’ (Fjordbyen) is a waterfront urban renewal project which provides a vibrant urban space for both visitors and residents in the City of Oslo.

Fredrikstad City Ferries (Byferga)

A political decision to make the Fredrikstad City Ferries free has dramatically increased passenger numbers and provided an important link connecting different elements of city life.

Green and inclusive urban development in Furuset

The Groruddalen Action Plan combined physical and social measures to improve the worn-down, segregated neighbourhoods of the Grorud Valley.

University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design

Bergen’s new faculty for Art, Music and Design united six faculty locations across Bergen under one roof while at the same time minimising environmental impact and improving the city’s resilience to climate change.

Oslomarka: The people’s forest

Oslomarka, commonly known as ‘Marka’, is integral to the Oslo identity. It is an important recreational forest area spanning 19 municipalities in five counties around Oslo.

Pilestredet Park: Sustainable Urban Development

Following the relocation of the Norwegian National Hospital, Pilestredet Park has been redeveloped as a beacon of sustainable urban development.