Sara Melander

Communications Officer

Science communicator with a passion for conveying information in a clear and compelling way. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Science from Lund University including a year of Political Science studies and a PR internship. I’m fascinated with the media landscape and how it impacts politics, journalism and the general public. Studying politics got me interested in the structures of governance and the processes of democratic decision-making. In addition, I’m a writer at heart and I am pleased to combine these different interests in my work at Nordregio. In other words, I get to connect my creative and value driven sides in support of research that helps guide regional policy. Jackpot.

Qualifications and relevant courses

  • Bachelor of Arts, Media & Communication, Lund University, 2020-2023
    • Political Science, Lund University, 60 ECTs
  • Creative Writing, Malmö University, 2019

Previous positions

  • Communications Assistant & Junior Research Fellow, Nordregio, 2023-2024
  • PR & Communications Intern, Worldfavor, 2023


  • Swedish – native
  • English – fluent
  • German – basic

Sara Melander‘s spatial story

As a small-town kid growing up in the outskirts of Alingsås, I early envisioned an urban lifestyle for myself. It’s a common story really. With Göteborg less than an hour away, parents commuting for work, relatives and family friends in the city, there was just no way I’d settle for a life without the buzz. People and culture right at my doorstep. Services open and available at all times.

After a detour via Australia, Germany and Skåne for adventure and academia, Stockholm attracted me for the very reason I once glanced at Göteborg. Young Sara would be pleased to find her 27-year-old self within walking distance to a rich selection of cafes, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, museums, the movies, the theatre… Still, when asked to visualise my happy place the other week, neither of the locations I’ve chosen for myself came to mind. Instead, I pictured the fields, barns and livestock of my childhood summers spent at my grandma’s cabin in the remote and rural village of Österåsen. The day-long drive there and back for two weeks spent away from all friends back home. No running water, nothing but the smell of cows and finding ways to fill the void of boredom. I saw the calves run toward my sister and I as we routinely went to feed them flowers before dinner, a backdrop of purple mountains and pink clouds.

Österåsen cows

At 27, I’ve arrived at a deep appreciation for the stillness in my childhood. I feel privileged to experience both and to have a place of retreat – mentally if not physically – when urban life gets intense. I’m thankful for feeling at home in multiple spaces, for the space I’m currently in and for all the spaces I have yet to (re)discover. For the ability to choose and change direction.