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LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMS FORMATION: The potential of local food initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region

In recent years, there has been growing interest in ‘alternative’ and ‘local’ food supply chains as a way to reduce externalities associated with mainstream food systems. ‘Alternative’ food chains are often built on values opposed to...

Perspectives on labour mobility in the Nordic-Baltic region

Mobility trends between the Baltic and Nordic states and different national policy approaches to the increased mobility in the macro-region. This publication is one outcome of a project on labour mobility between the Nordic-Baltic countries:...

Social innovation in local development: Lessons from the Nordic countries and Scotland

This publication reports on the outcomes of a project that explores the role of social innovation in local development in the Nordic countries and Scotland. One aim of the project has been to develop a platform for investigating conceptual,...

Urban Contractual Policies in Northern Europe

The co-ordination and integration of transport, land use and housing planning has emerged as an important policy direction to promote sustainable development in the Nordic countries. To facilitate sectorial co-ordination and integration, different...

Addressing social sustainability through everyday life: Experience from a pilot study in four Nordic city-regions

Increasing globalization, climate change and shifting demographics are creating a new context for discussion of development and its spatial distribution. This is a new challenge for planners and politicians, who are expected to develop and approve...

The impact of migration on projected population trends in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden: 2015–2080

The population of a country grows or declines as a result of the combination of two trends. One is natural increase, the difference between the number of births and deaths. A number of European countries have been experiencing ‘negative natural...

Nordic Green Growth Road Show

The Nordic Green Growth Road Show programme was commissioned by the Nordic Working Group for Green Growth – Innovation and Entrepreneurship and coordinated by Nordregio in partnership with local actors. Over 200 green growth actors participated in...

A Spatial Analysis of City-Regions: Urban Form & Service Accessibility

This project was completed on behalf of the Nordic working group for Green Growth – sustainable urban regions under the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Regional Policy, Nordic Council of Ministers. This working group focuses on how...