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Planning for sustainable lifestyles: political limitations and possibilities

All plans are saturated with explicit or implicit ideas and assumptions about lifestyles and ways of living. Lifestyles have furthermore been given a key role for achieving sustainable consumption and production patterns, but planning for...

CASUAL – Co-creating Attractive and Sustainable Urban Areas and Lifestyles Synthesis Report

Exploring new forms of inclusive urban governance Urban policies and projects that are expected to promote sustainability are often focused on the built environment and the technical infrastructure. Less attention is given to changing lifestyles and...

Transit-oriented development and sustainable urban planning

This policy brief considers how links between transport and land-use planning policies can be promoted in urban and regional development strategies. It primarily targets urban policymakers in Europe wanting to learn more about the notion of...

Territorial Cohesion: An EU concept

This article addresses the concept of Territorial Cohesion, which has been gaining increasing interest within academia and the EU policy circles. In particular, this article examines its relevance and main dimensions, and also suggests a...

When soft planning and hard planning meet: Conceptualising the encounter of European, national and sub-national planning

Despite continuous research efforts, the role of the European Union regarding spatial planning remains unclear. This article proposes to employ the concepts of soft spaces and soft planning to better comprehend how European spatial planning finds...

Social Innovation (SI) in local development in the Nordic countries and Scotland

This project investigates the role of Social Innovation (SI) and how it can respond to the challenges facing rural and remote regions in Nordic countries. These regions are facing continuing rural-urban migration, which not only accentuates sparsity...

Urban policies for sustainable living and consumption

Cities are increasingly understood as key locations for tackling questions related to sustainable production and consumption. Urban and transport planning are often highlighted as having the greatest potential impact on to successfully shape...

Nordregio News 1 2015: Cross-border co-operation

In this issue of Nordregio News, we focus on cross-border co-operation and its impact on regional development in Nordic and European border regions. We have studied how cross-border co-operation is structured and managed, and whether its full...