Health care and care with distance-spanning technologies

The Nordic countries face similar challenges regarding an ageing population and depopulation of the rural areas. This poses challenges to the traditional health care systems. One way of dealing with these challenges is to take advantage of the ongoing solutions that are made possible through digitalisation.

This project aims at supporting the development of distance health care solutions in the Nordic Region – from primary care and home care service to more specialized health care.

The aim is to change experiences between the Nordic countries and to identify best practice when it comes to working methods and processes that can be used to develop and stimulate ongoing local or regional initiatives regarding e-health.

Nordregio is contributing to the project by measuring the effects on accessibility and regional growth as well as assisting with support and ongoing evaluation.

“Health care and care with distance-spanning technologies” is a three-year project led by the Centre for Rural Medicine in Storuman and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers as one of Sweden’s chairmanship projects.

Healthcare and care with distance – What are the challenges regarding demographic development