17 Dec, 2018

Nordic Nightmare Before Christmas

Have we failed to integrate Christmas traditions? Risalamande, luumukiisseli, malt og appelsin, gløgg, julmust, Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul, Home Alone and Nightmare before Christmasare dishes, drinks and movies are all part of the C...
7 Dec, 2018

Building a better future – the Nordic Way

Sustainable building and the new bioeconomy were in focus at the two Nordregio events at COP24. They were part of an extensive programme at the Nordic Pavilion, which for the fourth COP in a row created an exciting platform for dialogue and knowledge...
7 Dec, 2018

Changing Ruralities – Nordregio Forum 2018

Rural development in a changing regional landscape was the headline for this year’s Nordregio Forum that brought some 130 participants from the entire Nordic-Baltic region together in Lund for an exciting two days of presentations and discussions. ...
5 Dec, 2018

Buildings retrofits are vital to achieving Europe’s energy and climate goals

Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. An estimated 97% of the current EU building would need to be upgraded to achieve high efficiency standards. However, a number of challenges, fro...
2 Dec, 2018

Join the Nordic Region at the UN climate talks

People have high expectations of the COP24 climate negotiations in December but also significant concerns. Will the world manage to follow up on the Paris Agreement? The Nordic Pavilion will provide a venue to discuss Nordic challenges and solutions....
29 Nov, 2018

New e-health project looks at telemedical solutions

For people living in rural areas, access to basic healthcare can be a major challenge. On 20 November, a kick-off conference was held for a new Nordic project that aims to measure how accessibility to different forms of health care in sparsely popula...


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