9 Apr, 2018

    Nordregio goes .org

    Nordregio launches revamped website and new web magazine. We move from .se to .org, joining the rest of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ network “domain-wise”, as well as underlining our role as an international research institute. ...
    6 Apr, 2018

    Increasing Income Inequality in the Nordics: New publication on 18 April

    On 18 April the latest edition on Nordic Economic Policy Review will be published, this time investigating how increasing income inequality has affected the Nordic countries over the last years. The edition holds five articles, all looking at differe...
    6 Apr, 2018

    First steps taken in European “mobility of services” project

    Sparsely populated areas often struggle with ensuring access to public services, including basic things like supply of healthcare to the elderly or even local transportation. The EU funded MAMBA project aims to improve “people to service” and “...
    4 Apr, 2018

    New self-assessment report from Social Green has been published

    The report written by Nordregio’s Senior Research Advisor Ryan Weber and Junior Research Fellow Johannes Lidmo aims to identify the state of the social housing in the regions where the Social Green project is being implemented and developed. It pre...
    4 Apr, 2018

    Social Empowerment in the making

    The 7th transnational meeting of the SEMPRE project took place in the middle of March, in the city of Vaasa, Finland. The project, that will come to an end in the beginning of 2019, is currently in its 3rd phase and starting to render results. The ma...
    27 Mar, 2018

    We are hiring: Senior Research Fellow/Senior Research Advisor in Spatial planning

    Nordregio is inviting applications for a senior position in Spatial Planning. Working at Nordregio provides with the opportunity to become part of a truly international research environment. It offers significant career development potential in terms...
    23 Mar, 2018

    Immigration and integration in the Nordic Region – get the facts straight

    Statistics about migration have become both politically and economically prominent and sensitive. As a follow-up to the publication of State of the Nordic Region 2018, a special edition on immigration and integration of newcomers in the Nordic countr...
    22 Mar, 2018

    Digitalisation, smart specialisation and regional resilience – new case studies underway

    Recent case studies of how different local actors tackle issues of digitalisation and resilience from a regional perspective is adding weight to the ongoing work of the thematic working groups delivering a major part of the output of the current Nord...