11 Sep, 2018

Results from Baltic Urban Lab: guides and tools for planning brownfields

On 6 – 7 September, the final Baltic Urban Lab (BUL) event gathered urban planners, researchers and entrepreneurs in Riga to discuss the best practices of regenerating brownfields that emerged during the project. Regeneration of brownfields is ...
11 Sep, 2018

Launch of new local smart specialisation platform for sparsely populated areas

The EU financed REGINA project held its flagship conference in Rovaniemi on Sept 11-12. A new learning platform with development tools for local planners and policymakers was launched at the conference. It aims to empower small communities with resou...
3 Sep, 2018

Study on Smart Specialisation in European Arctic regions

Nordregio has been commissioned a new study on smart specialisation in the Arctic regions. Nordregio has been assigned to the task by the European Commission Joint Research Centre and the JRC S3 Platform Team in Seville, Spain. The aim of the project...
31 Aug, 2018

Greening our cities – new issue of Nordregio Magazine

As more and more people move to urban areas, the development of greener cities becomes increasingly vital to build a more climate friendly society. In this issue of Nordregio Magazine, you can read about two of the projects we are involved in to help...
28 Jun, 2018

New tools for policy makers and planners in remote regions

If you live in a small town where business is based on natural resources, sudden changes in the local economy – like a mine opening or closing – can have a major impact on the social structure. The REGINA project has developed a set of tools ...
28 Jun, 2018

New issue of Nordregio Magazine: Changing Ruralities

The trend towards increased urbanisation seems ever growing and even more city dwellers are foreseen in the future. Many rural areas – but not all – are losing inhabitants, investments, growth potential and maybe even cultural as well as economic...


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