31 Jan, 2019

We are recruiting: Löneadministratör med HR- kompetens

Nordregio söker nu en löneadministratör med HR-kompetens som är nyfiken på en varierad roll inom lön/HR. I rollen kommer du arbeta självständigt med hela löneprocessen samt fungera som internt stöd i frågor som rör lön och HR. Vem är...
29 Jan, 2019

2019 Iceland leads the Nordics towards sustainable tourism, and use of seas by activating youth

Iceland took over the Presidency of Nordic Council of Ministers for 2019. Youth arise to the center of the chairmanship. A recent report by Nordregio reveals, that young people feel they don’t get their voices heard. Also, the youth have...
23 Jan, 2019

Nordic cooperation – an important milestone for integration and knowledge exchange

Senior Research Fellow Anna Karlsdóttir published an article on labour market integration in the Nordic countries and the extensive collaboration between the Nordic countries in the latest issue of Baltic RIM Economies. Nordregio and Nordic Welfare...
23 Jan, 2019

A growing municipality may not be all it seems – New grid-level study reveals people flows inside the municipality borders

Some municipalities show positive signs of growth, but a closer look at the statistics  may reveal another story. This first comparative study on a grid level (1,000 x 1,000m) between 2008-2017 in the Nordic Region shows population changes that are...
17 Jan, 2019

Amman, one of the fastest grown cities in the world, is moving towards sustainable city planning

The Jordanian population is constantly growing due to the crises in its neighboring countries, and the pressure of the refugee influx is certainly felt in the capital Amman. Rapid urbanization also creates urban growth in Jordan. During Amman’s...
21 Dec, 2018

‘Digital Västerbotten’, a rural success?

55 000 km2, 15 municipalities and 268 000 people, of which almost 80 % live in the four costal municipalities. Region Västerbotten is interesting in several ways: the area faces the same challenges as many other European rural areas with an...


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