14 Jun, 2018

Innovation not just an urban phenomenon

The general belief that innovation takes places in capital cities and urban areas only is partly a myth, according to researchers from Luleå University. Innovation is often measured by number of patents and they are usually made in big cities and ur...
31 May, 2018

Bioeconomy study in Northwest Russian region shows the potential for Nordic-Russian cooperation

A new study conducted by Nordregio Research Fellow Anna Berlina and Alexey Trubin from the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) provides an overview for status of the bioeconomy in the Arkhangelsk region, Russia. It presents key institutions...
30 May, 2018

New maps on gender related differences in the Nordic Region

Together with NIKK, the centre for Nordic Information on Gender, Nordregio has produced a series of maps highlighting gender based disparities within the areas of education, work and access to certain welfare services In the Nordic countries, women m...
14 May, 2018

New perspectives on Foreign Direct Investment inflows towards and within Europe

The final reports in the ESPON project “The World in Europe: Global FDI Flows towards Europe” have now been published, throwing new light on the trends and patterns for incoming investments to and within Europe. Nordregio has contributed to this ...
20 Apr, 2018

Increased income inequality high on the political agenda

The 2018 edition of the Nordic Economic Policy Review analyses the growing income inequality in the Nordics and has been edited by two Swedish Professors of Economics: Lars Calmfors and Jesper Roine. The review was launched on 18 April at the Ministr...
9 Apr, 2018

Nordregio goes .org

Nordregio launches revamped website and new web magazine. We move from .se to .org, joining the rest of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ network “domain-wise”, as well as underlining our role as an international research institute. ...


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