Unwrapping Generational Delights: Nordic Christmas Care Map Revealed! 

As the year approaches its grand finale, the prospect of holiday relaxation beckons. However, we empathise with parents from whom the jolly chaos of keeping up with little ones can sometimes make you yearn for the tranquillity of your regular day job. Fear not! In some parts of our Nordic Region, help is closer than you might think. 

Nordregio presents: The Generational Guardian Map 

Our research led us to discover hidden corners in the Nordics, where the magic of Christmas care unfolds in a delightful generational dance. Here’s your sneak peek into the heartwarming narrative of our “Generational Guardian Map.” 

Nordregio christmas map 2023
Our Christmas map 2023 shows you where the ratio of children and seniors is the highest in the Nordic Region.

As it turns out, the Generational Guardian heatmap puts the spotlight on Värmdö, Täby, Stockholm, Solna, Älmhult and Växjö in Sweden; Tårnby, Høje-Taastrup and Rødovre in Denmark; Ii, Laukaa, Sipoo in Finland; Lemland in Åland, Grimstad, Vegårshei, Hægebostad, Hareid, Frøya, Overhalla and Bodø in Norway; Borgarbyggð and Vestmannaeyjabær in Iceland; Vágar in Faroe Islands; and Kujalleq in Greenland. In other words: this is where you, parents of young children, can ensure your Christmas is not only festive but restful too.  

Mapping Generational Harmony 

Imagine a village where the wisdom of grandparents intertwines seamlessly with the laughter of children, creating a Nordic symphony of care.  

Our GIS and demographic data have artfully painted this blissful image, to guide you to the corners where the elderly step in to look after the little ones, and where no senior is left alone for the holidays. This map is our gift to you – a ticket to a Christmas where generations unite to make the holidays truly enchanting. 

Let’s decipher the ratios that paint a picture of the interplay between the elderly and the young in Nordic municipalities. 

The map ingeniously displays the ratio of elderly individuals to children, acting as a key to the generational dynamics across the region. A higher ratio is a nod to a larger elderly population; a lower ratio, a sign of youthfulness. Ratios above 1 unveil an elderly predominance, while below 1 suggest a youthful surge. At around 1, we find the balanced demographic dance we’re looking for this Christmas. 

Noteworthy stops on our Generational Expedition: 

  • Etelä-Savo, Finland: Leading the Nordic symphony, Etelä-Savo claims the spotlight with the highest elderly-to-children ratio. Here, a significant elderly population takes centre stage, promising a Christmas where wisdom and experience reign. 
  • Greenland: A stark contrast, Greenland emerges with a younger population, donning low ratios across municipalities and regions. Here, the joyous clamour of children echoes through the frosty air. 
  • Nordjylland, Denmark; Troms and Finnmark, Norway; Norrbotten, Sweden: These regions boast a slightly elevated elderly population, contributing unique notes to the Nordic generational melody. 
  • Iceland – Norðurland Eystra: Amidst the Icelandic landscapes, Norðurland Eystra stands out, showcasing a notable elderly population in comparison to its fellow regions. 
  • Faroe Islands: Picture-perfect balance! The Faroe Islands boast a demographic distribution that embraces the wisdom of the elderly and the exuberance of the young in perfect harmony. 

This map is our contribution to your holiday harmony. So, as you plan for the holidays, make sure to include travel time to the Faroe Islands so you can welcome 2024 well rested and relaxed.  

Wishing you a Christmas with warmth, laughter, and the embrace of generations. 

Happy holidays, 

The Nordregio Research Elves

The most balanced cities in the Nordic Countries: 

SE: Värmdö, Täby, Stockholm, Solna, Uppsala, Linköping, Vaggeryd, Älmhult, Växjö, Bjuv, Lomma, Eslöv, Göteborg, Lekeberg, Kumla, Åre, Umeå
DKTårnby, Høje-Taastrup, Rødovre, Egedal, Solrød, Rebild, Favrskov, Århus. 
NONes, Hole, Grimstad, Vegårshei, Hægebostad, Karmøy, Bergen, Bømlo, Alver, Sogndal, Ulstein, Hareid, Frøya, Melhus, Overhalla, Bodø 
FIIi, Kirkkonummi, Laukaa, Masku, Merijärvi, Oulu, Perho, Pirkkala, Pornainen, Rusko, Sipoo, Vesilahti, Ylöjärvi, Lieto 
ISHvalfjarðarsveit, Borgarbyggð, Sveitarfélagið Skagaströnd, Skagabyggð, Húnabyggð, Skagafjörður, Dalvíkurbyggð, Vestmannaeyjabær, Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður, Mýrdalshreppur, Rangárþing ytra, Skeiða- og Gnúpverjahreppur