Triple-helix collaboration to promote Nordic urban development

The Nordic Council of Ministers has as its vision to develop the Nordic region to become the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030. Therefore Nordregio, the Nordic City Network and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Task Force for Sustainable Cities are initiating a collaboration to promote exchanges between research, policy development and practice.

Through a partnership, the three organizations aim to accelerate green transition, build economic resilience and create equal and inclusive cities and communities.

– Together, we create a triple-helix effect with the exchange of knowledge and experience between research, policy and practice, says Marcus Horning, chairman of the Nordic City Network.

Agenda 2030 as the ultimate goal

Tackling the global challenges we face requires collaboration between different actors at different levels. The sustainable societies of the future are created by actors defining problems and solutions together. By applying current research in pilot projects, evaluating existing practices and sharing knowledge and inspiration each other through conferences and seminars, the three organizations want to contribute to the fulfillment of Agenda 2030 and to make the Nordic region more competitive globally.

– Goal 11, which focuses on sustainable cities and communities, is crucial to achieving the agenda. Public spaces in the form of safe and inclusive green areas can contribute to social sustainability as well as meeting the challenges of a changing climate. On these matters, we have a lot to learn from each other in the Nordic region, says Patrik Faming, Chairman of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Task Force for Sustainable Cities.

Rolf Elmér, Director Nordregio fills in:

– This collaboration provides us with a great opportunity to spread Nordic solutions for sustainable urban development both within and outside the Nordic region.

The three organizations

Nordregio, established by the Nordic Council of Ministers, is a leading Nordic and European research center for regional development and planning. Nordregio conducts solution-oriented and applied research and addresses current issues both from a research perspective and from political decision-making and practitioners’ perspective.

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ working group for Sustainable Cities’ goals is to contribute to the fulfilment of Agenda 2030 and the implementation of the Nordic vision with a focus on strengthening the exchange of experience and co-operation on Nordic solutions for sustainable urban development. The task force group is led by the Swedish National Board for Housing, Building and Planning with representatives from all the Nordic countries.

Nordic City Network is a network and think tank consisting of 13 medium-sized cities in the Nordic region. The network coordinates exchanges among practitioners in urban development such as planners, architects and strategists who want to share knowledge and experience to develop sustainable Nordic cities.


Marcus Horning, Chairman of the Nordic City Network

Rolf Elmér, Director Nordregio

Patrik Faming, chairman of the working group for sustainable cities