Maja Brynteson

Junior Research Fellow

Maja has an academic background in sustainable development and management studies, including research on topics such as green transitions, circular economy and sustainable tourism management. She is particularly interested in governance and diffusion processes regarding innovation for sustainable development, with a focus on the hindering and enabling factors.

Academic qualifications
MSc in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development, Lund University (2020-2022)
BSc in Service Management – Tourism & Hotel Management, Lund University (2017-2020)

Previous positions
Intern at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) (2022)


Maja Brynteson‘s spatial story

I grew up in Holmsund, a locality situated in Umeå municipality. Where the swirling Umeälven finally meets the sea – there is Holmsund, a locality characterized by industries, the archipelago, and the port. Here, the small-town feeling is mixed with the direct proximity to the archipelago, which invites activity and movement, and its proximity to Umeå, with its rich culture and sports offerings. In pursuit of escaping the long winters back home, I spent a few years living abroad. First, I went to Australia, where I became fascinated by the spectacular nature, all the quite special animals and the culture. I lived and worked in remote, rural areas, explored the Outback, and travelled along the coasts. Thereafter, I continued to New Zealand, where I worked and explored the country and the amazing outdoors.

However, studies brought me back to Sweden, and this time to the south and the city of Lund. I began studying management and tourism studies, focusing on sustainable tourism development and seasonality issues. My interest in sustainable development made me pursue a master in the subject, deepening my knowledge on green transitions, societal and institutional changes, and innovation systems. In one course, we discussed sustainable development and the differences between rural and urban areas; what specific challenges they face, what conditions they have and how the solutions must be adjusted to suit the character of the area. This made me interested in planning and development, and pursuing a career where it is possible to delve deeper into these issues.