Kerstin Bly Joyce

Senior Research Advisor

Kerstin is an environmental economist, policy advisor and analyst with a special interest in working at the juncture of research, policy and communication.

With a track record of senior-level engagement within the Swedish government, EU and the OECD, Kerstin possesses a deep-rooted understanding of institutional processes and has the ability to navigate complex policy landscapes. Her work is evidence based, integrating social and natural sciences.

She has extensive experience particularly in water and marine policy and governance, ecosystem services and biodiversity. She brings a wealth of expertise in environmental economics and is particularly interested in analysing behavioural change.


  • MSc in Aquatic Resource Management, King’s College London
  • MSc in Public Administration and Environmental Studies with a major in economics, Umeå University

Previous positions

  • Desk officer at the Swedish Ministry of Climate and Enterprise, Natural Environment Division, 2022-2023
  • Environmental Economist at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, 2006-2022
  • Researcher at Stockholm University, Baltic Sea Centre coordinating stakeholder interaction, BalticAPP, 2015-2018
  • Policy Analyst at Stockholm Resilience Centre, BalticSTERN Secretariat, 2011-2015


  • Swedish – native
  • English – fluent
  • French – limited

Examples Publications

  • Hyytiäinen, K., Barbara, B., Bly Joyce, K., Ehrnsten, E., Eilola, K., Gustafsson, B., Meier, M., Norkko, A., Saraiva, S., Tomczak, M., and Zandersen, M. (2021). Provision of aquatic ecosystem services as a consequence of societal changes: The case of the Baltic Sea, Population Ecology.
  • Hyytiäinen, K., Hasler, B., Ericsdotter, S., Blyh, K., Artell, J., Ahlvik, L., Ahtiainen, H. (2014). Environmental economic research as tool in the protection of the Baltic Sea – costs and benefits of reducing eutrophication. TemaNord 2014:504.
  • Hyytiäinen, K., Hasler, B., Ericsdotter, S., Nekoro, M., Blyh, K., Artell, J., Ahlvik, L., Ahtiainen, H., (2013). Worth it: Benefits outweigh costs in reducing eutrophication in the Baltic. BalticSTERN. Summary Report for HELCOM 2013 Ministerial Meeting.
  • Ericsdotter, E., Sharin, H., Nekoro, M., Blyh, K., (2013). Baltic Sea – Our Common Treasure. Economics of Saving the Sea (Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management). Report 2013:4.