Gender equality in the Arctic – freshly published report!

The importance of gender and diversity issues has become increasingly evident and has been engaging researchers worldwide. The Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group and The Icelandic Chairmanship of the Arctic Council zoom in on these issues in the Arctic context and have recently published a report “Gender Equality in the Arctic 3”.

With a curiosity towards the complexities of the gender equality topic, Nordregio researchers Timothy Heleniak, Anna Karlsdóttir and Justine Ramage have collaborated on the above-mentioned report. It highlights the importance of recognising and appreciating diversity in terms of discourse, gender, Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, governance, education, economies, social realities, sustainability, and balanced participation in leadership and decision making, in both the public and private sectors.

The study pulls together material, information, and expertise to provide an overview of gender-related issues in the Arctic and fill knowledge gaps on this subject. It seeks to identify emerging issues, priorities, and concrete strategies that support gender balance and increased diversity.

“The “Gender equality in the Arctic phase 3 report” is the product of contributions and engagement from a broad array of stakeholders. Nordregio was pleased to contribute as a reviewer and with data on the mobility chapter, maps in several chapters, and contributions from previous research on gender and environment, empowerment and fate control. Support was provided through the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme, which Nordregio administers,” explains Timothy Heleniak, Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio.