How can the individual benefits of migration translate into societal benefits for the left-behind regions? Watch the recording of PREMIUM_EU’s first annual event on 10 April 2024, for a first look at the project’s methodology and projected research results.

This webinar dives deep into the brain-drain that affects most rural regions by looking at the drivers that make people move and the regional characteristics that make people stay. Learn about the “The Human Migration Database” and how to leverage social media in mobility data analysis. We also explore how research-based policies might give left-behind regions a new chance to gain back those brains.


09:30-9:45: Introduction to PREMIUM_EU – Leo van Wissen and Anne Katrine Ebbesen

09:45-10:10: The Human Migration Database – leveraging social media and novel data sources – Maciej J. Danko and Jisu Kim

10:10-10:30: Regional Development The impact of migration policies – Korrie Melis, Elles Bulder and Peter Meister-Broekema

10:30-10:50: How education links mobility to regional development – Dr. Dilek Yildiz and Leo van Wissen

10:50-11:00: Break

11:00-12:00: Panel discussion – A better future for left-behind regions, fuelled by migration?