Free movement in the Nordics: A true story of jobs, commuting – and dark numbers

For the first time ever, cross-border statistics for all Nordic countries has been produced, shedding new light on mobility across borders in the Nordic countries.

How far are we from being the most integrated region in the world, one of the main goals of Nordic Cooperation? And how much do we know about the movements of people within the Nordic Region?

Nordic Council of Ministers invites you to a discussion about current mobility patterns and statistics cooperation in the Nordics.

Nordregio’s new Director, Rolf Elmér will join the program in the panel on the need for better cross-border statistics in the Nordics. Among the speakers, you will also find  Paula Mikkola, Nordkalottrådet and Elsie Hellström, Svinesundskomitéen, sharing reflections on Nordic mobility in cross-border regions. Paula and Elsie have been active members of the Nordic Thematic Groups for Rural Development and Innovative and Resilient Regions that Nordregio has been coordinating for the past four years.