The Nordic Arctic area shares a number of common features, such as low population density, low accessibility, low economic diversity and abundant natural resources. It is also an area of increasing international attention, due to the effects of climate change as well as expectations about future exploitation of raw materials and the opening of new sea routes. On this page, you can learn about our latest projects related to the Arctic region.

Nunataryuk – permafrost thaw and changing arctic coast: science for socio-economic adaptation

A main goal of Nunataryuk is to determine the impacts of thawing land, coast and subseapermafrost on the global climate and on humans in the Arctic and to develop targeted and co-designed adaptation and mitigation strategies. Find out more about Nunataryuk.


REGINA aims to reduce the vulnerability and increase the preparedness of small communities in remote and sparsely populated areas of the Nordic Arctic and Scotland towards the development – or closing-down – of large-scale, resource-based industries. Find out more about REGINA.

Review of the cooperation between Iceland and Norway in the field of Arctic scientific research

During the project, Nordregio will evaluate achievements in the cooperation Programme between Iceland and Norway in the field of Arctic Scientific research 2012-2018. Find more about the project.

Kicking off Bioeconomy in the North

This project is a continuation of the NCM-funded project ‘Nordic-Russian bioeconomy pre-study’ that focused on bioeconomy in Arkhangelsk oblast in Russia. In the second phase of the project the geographic focus will be expanded by including the Murmansk oblast and the Republic of Karelia in the bioeconomy network analysis. Find our more about the project.