Nordregio Magazine 5 2019

Nordic Arctic co-operation programme

For over twenty years the Nordic Council of Ministers Arctic Co-operation Programme has contributed to enhancing knowledge about the Arctic region. The current Nordic Arctic Co-operation Programme 2018-2021 is focused on four overall areas: People, Planet and Prosperity as well as Partnerships as a cross cutting theme. Get examples of ongoing projects in this Nordregio Magazine.

Closely connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, the Nordic- Arctic co-operation programme supports international research projects and other collaborative efforts to promote sustainable development in the Arctic...

Although challenged by demographic development and climate change, there are vast opportunities for sustainable development in the Arctic. Projects funded under the prosperity heading promote innovation, entrepreneurship and local business...

Empowering Arctic communities to respond to demographic, social and environmental change is a prominent element of the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme. Under the headline PEOPLE, the programme supports research, education and competency building...

Preserving the delicate Arctic ecosystem has long been a priority for Nordic cooperation, and in recent years, the accelerating impact of climate change has constituted an overarching issue in all Nordic activities in the region. PLANET addresses...

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