Nordregio Magazine 3 2019

Immigrants, jobs and integration

The Nordic countries have received more refugees than most other regions in Europe in the last years. Finding jobs for these new citizens is a major challenge, if they end up staying.

The latest issue of Nordregio Magazine presents the highlights from a new Nordic report produced by Nordregio for the Nordic Council of ministers.

It includes a series of policy advice and outlines a path towards better integration of immigrants into the Nordic labour markets.

Nordic countries all face challenges of integrating immigrants into the labour market, especially low-educated immigrants from outside the EU. In 2017, the employment rate of migrants from outside the EU was 54 per cent in Finland and around 60 per...

The project has investigated how the labour market integration of refugees and other migrant groups in the Nordic countries can be facilitated. In the final report, researchers from across the Nordic countries review and evaluate existing research...

A new report presents overview of efforts to integrate immigrants into the labour market in the Nordic countries Migration to the Nordic region increased strongly during the refugee crisis in 2015. On a per-capita basis, Denmark, Finland, Norway and...

A new guidebook helps local authorities and national agencies improve the integration of immigrant women in the labour market. The potential is great – for the women, their children and society. “The Nordic countries are similar, so it makes...

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