Nordregio Magazine 4 2019

Skills for resilient regions

This issue of Nordregio Magazine focuses on Nordic municipalities that are going through demographic challenges due to a number of reasons and how developing the right skills might help these areas progress.

As part of a project called Skills Policies – Building Capacities for Innovative and Resilient Nordic Regions, Nordregio has published a new discussion paper that aims at looking at how innovative and resilient regions can be built with the help of the right skills.

Read more about skills for resilient regions in this issue.

More and more Nordic municipalities are facing serious demographic challenges, such as rapid urbanisation, ageing population, and youth outmigration and population decline in rural areas. This is especially the case in sparsely populated remote...

How do we build resilient regions and what role does skills have in it? Nordregio Forum 2019 examines different aspects of these questions together with invited key-notes as well as in several parallel sessions where you as a participant can take an...

Nordregio invites feedback on the draft of a new report, as part of the working process under the Nordic Co-operation Programme for Regional Development A new discussion paper, titled Skills Policies – Building Capacities and Resilient Nordic...

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