Nordregio Magazine 6 2019

Climate Solutions

In connection to the UN Climate Negotiations December 2-13 there will be a Nordic COP25 Pavilion in Madrid and a Climate Hub in Stockholm, where the Nordic Council of Ministers is creating no fly events and opening access to COP25 on a broader scale. Nordregio is part of the programme and here you can read about some or our latest climate related activities.

Twelve researchers asked themselves that question in the 2019 edition of the Nordic Economic Policy Review, a research journal that the Nordic Council of Ministers has commissioned Nordregio to publish on an annual basis. A consistent stance among...

The path to a carbon neutral Nordic region runs through our innovative industry, our forests and our homes. It travels by car, boat and train (it bikes and walks too). And it needs to be aided by better, more integrated policy support  Each of the...

Together with Nordic Energy Research, Nordregio is building up a network of Nordic islands all striving to become carbon neutral and using the characteristics of being an island community as a tool towards this end. The Carbon Neutral Islands...

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