Nordregio Magazine 3 2018

Developing Green Cities


In this issue of Nordregio Magazine, you can read about two of the projects we are involved in to help shape a sustainable future. Baltic Urban Lab has helped develop tools for planners to turn old brownfields into attractive urban spaces, while Social Green is working on speeding up the retrofitting of social housing in Europe to increase energy efficiency.

The Baltic Urban Lab partner cities are all faced with different challenges when it comes to brownfield regeneration of industrial sites, ranging from soil contamination and old traffic infrastructure to complex ownership structures and cultural heri...

Buildings account for 40 per cent of the European energy consumption and around 36 per cent of CO2-emissions. Speeding up energy retrofitting of existing buildings is vital to achieving the Nordic and European targets for CO2-reductions, says Ryan We...

Lessons learned from Baltic Urban Lab. Regeneration of brownfield sites into attractive urban areas is often considered both an opportunity and a challenge by cities: providing chances for resource-effective use of hard-made surface, while being chal...

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