Nordregio News 4 2017

Connecting the urban and the rural

Co-operation – a hallmark of Nordic cities

What is the model “Nordic city”? Could it be Copenhagen, Helsinki or Stockholm? Perhaps it’s Oslo, Reykjavik or even Kiruna? When seeking to identify THE defining Nordic city, the reader should be forgiven if the differences between these citie...

Nordic Sustainable Cities: a key to global urbanization challenges

Urbanization is one of the most prevalent global trends today. By 2050, 66 per cent of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. Meanwhile, in many parts of the world, populations continue their rapid growth. The scale of the trend...

Building for Sustainability and Attractiveness in Small and Medium-Sized Nordic Cities

The ‘right to roam’ or Allemansrätten has been enshrined in the Swedish way of life for longer than anyone can remember. The belief that everyone is equally entitled to appreciate and enjoy the land around them is a central principle in Sweden, ...

How useful is the concept of an urban-rural divide?

The urban and the rural are often regarded as contraries. This has had a significant impact on policy directions across the Nordic countries. Over the years, we have shared a tendency to associate rural policy with regional economic challenges, and u...

Good practice beyond major urban centres

Smart specialization, developed as a response from European regions to rising global competition, is at the heart of current regional innovation policy in the European Union. It is a strategic approach to economic development through targeted support...

Cold Hawaii: A site-based approach towards successful rural development

About 400 years ago, Klitmøller, a small town in the northwest of Denmark, was known mostly to the naval traders between Denmark and southern Norway. The seaside used to be full of local merchants sailing corn and bullocks to Norway and bringing tim...

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