Nordregio Magazine 5 2018

The Bright Green Future of Land Use?

The latest issue of Nordregio Magazine looks at land use from two perspectives: The potential of the new bioeconomy in rural areas and the development of urban agriculture in China and the EU.

Urban agriculture addresses a wide range of issues concerning food security and sustainable cities. This includes things like local and organic food production, better access to fresh and nutritious produce, social inclusion and new opportunities...

In order to speed up the transition from a fossil-based to a bio-based economy, stakeholders from all parts of the value chain must cooperate. The Nordregio lead BioWiseTrans project aims to establish transdisciplinary networks that further this...

The Nordic Council of Ministers once again organizes a Nordic Pavilion at the UN Climate Summit, to function as a platform for global dialogue and knowledge sharing. The programme highlights Nordic solutions to global challenges, but also questions...

On 28-29 November, Nordregio Forum 2018 will take place in Lund. The major focus will be on rural and regional development. What makes certain regions more attractive than others? What makes young people want to stay or return to some regions while...

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