Nordregio Magazine 2 2019

Climate Policies in the Nordics: are we doing it right?

This issue of Nordregio Magazine focuses on climate change from an economic perspective.

Drawing on the newly published Nordic Economic Policy Review it asks two questions: do we get enough bang for the buck in terms of how we try to regulate the economy to prevent climate change and can the Nordics actually make a difference when it comes to a global problem like that?

The Nordic Region accounts for less than 0.5 per cent of global CO2-emissions. This is in fact quite a lot as the Nordics amount to less than 0.4 per cent of the world population. However, the figure still shows that even if all Nordic countries...

National subsidies to electric vehicles are an example of a highly expensive way of reducing emissions, and they are unlikely to have any major impact on climate technology development, says co-editor of Nordic Economic Policy Review 2019, John...

A new report published by the Nordic Council of Ministers at the beginning of May investigates the issue of carbon leakage in the Nordic countries, assessing its risks and also providing advice on how to design effective preventive policies. Carbon...

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