Nordregio Magazine 1 2019

Regional Development in Action

This Nordregio Magazine takes us on a whirlwind tour of rural attractiveness, regional resilience, inclusive cities as well as urban-rural relations in a wider perspective.

A core task for Nordregio is to provide policy input regarding development and planning practices across the Nordic Region, including the Arctic and cross-border perspective.

To this end, three thematic working groups have been established to study selected areas of both rural and urban development as well as regional innovation overall. Read more about their most recent results in this issue.

The Nordic Region covers a lot of land and there are many remote and rural communities in the five countries and their autonomous areas, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland. Rapidly increasing urbanisation has put many of these communities under...

Innovation and smart growth are at the forefront of current development and planning challenges in an increasingly globalized world. Issues like resilience, digitalisation and smart specialisation are the order of the day, also within Nordic...

Urban centres are becoming home to a growing share of the Nordic population, and, according to all prognoses, this trend has just begun. The aim of the Nordic thematic group on sustainable cities and urban development is to provide detailed insights...

Three thematic working groups have been set up as part of the Nordic Co-operation programme for Regional Development and Planning 2017-2020. The members are representatives of relevant ministries, national authorities, regional administrations and...

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