Nordregio Magazine 4 2018

Arctic changes and challenges

The Arctic is changing both for better and for worse. A warmer climate causes major disruptions, but also leads to new opportunities. This issue of Nordregio Magazine looks at some of the latest developments within demographic and social change in the Arctic. It also dives into a new learning platform developed as an empowerment tool for remote, sparsely populated areas like many of the communities you find in the Arctic Region.

The consequences of permafrost thaw in the Arctic range from intensified climate change, rising sea levels and potential release of contaminants and infection to more immediate impacts, such as changes to livelihoods and damage to buildings and infra...

This article summarises findings from two Nordregio projects – Polar Peoples, which examines aspects of population change in the Arctic, and Nunataryuk, which studies the impact of permafrost thaw. The Arctic regions differ considerably in terms of...

Large-scale industrial projects often have a huge importance on the vitality of rural communities in remote areas that are rich in natural resources. But these sparsely populated communities usually have limited resources to invest in planning and st...

The Arctic Cooperation Programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers is administered by Nordregio, with one annual application round. It is central to the Programme that the specific needs of the Arctic will be accommodated. The purpose of the Co-oper...

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