Nordregio Magazine 2 2018

Changing Ruralities

The trend towards increased urbanisation seems ever growing and many rural areas – but not all – are losing inhabitants, investments, growth potential and maybe even cultural as well as economic importance and democratic power.

But is it all this bleak? The feature article in this issue of Nordregio Magazine looks at ongoing research into the issue of attractiveness, based on the work in the Nordic thematic group on Sustainable Rural Development.

This group is one of the three Nordic thematic groups dealing with regional development and planning set up by the Nordic Council of Ministers with Nordregio as secretariat and coordinator. You will also find an overview of this work in this issue – enjoy your reading.

This article gives you an overview of the Nordic thematic working groups set up under the Nordic Co-operation Programme for Regional Development and Planning 2017–2020. Three Nordic thematic groups have been established for the current programme pe...

What makes certain regions more attractive than others? How do you get young people to stay in or return to their rural home ground? And how do you develop new businesses and create new jobs? These are crucial questions for rural regions under pressu...

Nordregio Forum 2018 will focus on rural and regional development. What makes certain regions more attractive than others? What makes young people want to stay or return to some regions while others are suffering from out-migration of especially youn...

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