The Nordic countries are regarded as front-runners when it comes to matters of gender equality. Nevertheless, gender based disparities still exist when it comes to education, employment, wages or access to welfare services. On this page, you have the chance to learn about our latest research related to equality and gender issues.

Enhancing labour opportunities for women in the Nordic countries

Comparative study between policies and practices applied in three small or medium-sized cities in the Nordic countries, in Sweden, Iceland and Finland. The aim is to determine excluding factors on Nordic labour markets, as well as to identify good practices for improved labour market integration among immigrant women. Find out more about the project.

Empowering Young Women in Industrial Cities in the Russian Arctic

The project stimulates young women empowerment in industrial cities in the Russian Arctic through developing cultural and artistic exchange between Russia and Sweden. Find out more about the initiative.

Enhanced Labour Market Opportunities for Immigrant Women – Arctic case studies

Migration has been a major source of population increase in the Nordic countries for the past decades. Meanwhile, the employment gap between refugees and immigrants, on the one hand, and the native-born population on the other has increased. Find out more about the policies and practices for enhancing access for immigrant women to the local labour market in the Arctic region.

Maps on gender related differences in the Nordic Region

In the Nordic countries, women make up the largest proportion of people living in cities, while rural areas have the highest proportion of men. Find out more about the living conditions of men and women in the Nordics with the help of several maps that show the availability of education, work and care at the municipal level.

Women consistently earn less than men – glass ceiling prevents them from reaching top-income levels

A new study of the gender dimension of income inequality finds that while the income gap between genders is slowly decreasing in the Nordic countries, women still earn less than men at all levels of the income distribution. Find out more about gender based income disparities in this magazine article.