In the second period 2019-2020, the thematic group will be running three additional projects:

  • Skills Policies – Building Capacities for Innovative and Resilient Nordic Regions
  • Roadshow 2019-2020: Dissemination of the learnings from the in-depth studies undertaken by Nordregio on behalf of the Nordic Thematic Group on Innovative and Resilient Regions is an important part of the purpose of the working group. Sharing our insights and policy recommendations is a pertinent exercise for ensuring transregional and transnational learning opportunities. The Roadshow 2019-2020 refers to the activities and the format through which we will be sharing our key findings; travelling throughout the Nordic regions and beyond to present and discuss the findings with national, regional and local stakeholders.
  • The Synergy Project 

In the first period 2017-2018, the thematic group aims to run three projects:

During the first two years of the programme (2017-2018), the group is planning to conduct various activities within the prioritised projects. An important goal is to engage with relevant stakeholders and target groups early in the projects. Gender equality, environmental aspects and the inclusion and participation of young people and immigrants will also be considered. The list of activities is provisional:

  • To define economic and social resilience in the Nordic context;
  • To establish methodological tools through which to measure regional resilience;
  • To conduct pilot case studies in order to test the theoretical and methodological tools;
  • To conduct a comparative study of how Nordic regions work with smart specialisation strategies;
  • To collect and study experiences and promising practices from the Nordic regions regarding the use of digitalisation as a tool for green and sustainable Nordic regional development, both in urban and rural regions, as well as to identify factors that hamper the uptake of digitalisation in Nordic regions and to propose measures for overcoming these challenges.

In the second period 2019-2020, the major findings of different projects will be disseminated via publications, events and networks of researchers, politicians and other groups of interest.