The following publications derive from the projects under the Nordic Thematic Group for Innovative and Resilient Regions:

Regional Economic and Social Resilience: An Exploratory In-Depth Study in the Nordic Countries (Nordregio Report 2019:2, written by Giacometti, A. & Teräs, J. within the TG2-project “Regional Economic and Social Resilience”)

The status, characteristics and potential of smart specialisation in Nordic Regions (Nordregio Report 2019:3, written by Wøien, M., Kristensen, I. & Teräs, J. within the TG2-project “The potential of Smart Specialisation for enhancing innovation and resilience in Nordic regions”)

Governing the digital transition in Nordic Regions: The human element (Nordregio Report 2019:4, written by Randall, L. & Berlina, A. within the TG2-project “Digitalisation as a tool for sustainable Nordic regional development”)